How to write resume content?

How to write resume content is an often discussed topic, and I believe an often misunderstood one. Most people fail to adopt the correct writing paradigm that will achieve the sole object of a resume – a job interview!

Yes, most people fail to realize that a resume is an “advertisement” designed to get a job interview – nothing else. When writing a resume it is imperative that you write for your reader – and not for yourself.

Realize that your reader seeks some very specific information from you – the job skills and experience for the position he is trying to fill.

If the reader of your resume does not see any evidence of what he seeks in your resume EARLY ON, you will be cast aside.

Write a resume that stands out!

How to write resume content?

You must realize that there are several resume writing techniques that greatly increase your odds of passing the test. These techniques are directly tied into what I call the correct “resume writing paradigm”.

This paradigm is knowing how employers hire, what any particular employer is looking for, and crafting your resume in such a way that by using the proper resume formatting you can directly match your skills and accomplishments to those specific attributes that are being sought.

Simple math…

If an employer seeks a Database Administrator who has expertise in A, B & C, a resume that clearly showcases skills, abilities and accomplishments in A, B & C is immediately going to be moved into the “to be read later” file after a 5-second glance.

It may sound stupidly simple (and it is) I am always amazed at the shear number of resumes that do not focus in on that dynamic…

For example – 98% of the resumes that I am handed (as an employer) begin with a very long winded, utterly meaningless “objective statement” that states how the applicant wants to use their skills and abilities in a mutually beneficial way to help in the growth of the company, etc…