How to you learn how to skateboard?

How to Skateboard? That’s a question people make so hard. I have a really easy answer though.

However you want. This is an answer a lot of people don’t really like to hear when they first start skateboarding. They want direction. They want a clear cut path on how to get good. They want to be sponsored. They want to beat their friends in games of SKATE.

Skateboarding shouldn’t be about those kinds of these however. Skateboarding should be fun. You can do whatever you want to do on your skateboard. As long as you’re having fun, it shouldn’t matter if you are doing different tricks or getting different gear. Don’t let anyone tell you how to skateboard.

If you enjoy just riding around on your board, then do that. I believe that no matter what you like doing though, you should try to get better at it. Self improvement and a sense of pride can be great rewards from skateboarding.

Personally, I like street tricks mostly. Some gaps and stairs, but mostly tech stuff. Flip tricks and manuals. Fakie, switch, nollie. It all comes together and makes you the skater you are. You’ll eventually figure out what kind of skating you think is fun. At this point it’s just blocking out noise. It’s cool to learn from other people and try new things, but don’t let other people tell you how to skateboard. Especially if you find you are just trying to be better and show other people up.

How to you learn how to skateboard?

Enough blabbing. I know you probably didn’t click this link to find out about how I like to skateboard. You probably need direction on some basics. You’re going to find some articles below which can show you some basic things about skating. If you’re brand new, these articles could save you a bunch of time. I hope they help you learn the basics quickly so you can find your style in skateboarding that much faster.

It can take a lot of time to figure out the beginnings of skateboarding on your own. If you’re new to skateboarding, I suggest you really take your time and consider some of the things I have in these articles. Follow my advice and you could quickly get past a plateau some people get stuck at. I was stuck not knowing how to push a skateboard properly (let alone ollie.)

I didn’t understand some of the fundamentals of skateboarding. It took me three years until I had the confidence to actually learn some tricks. A lot of people have this happen to them and then they think they will never be able to skate well. So they give up. And usually at the worst times. They are about to have a major break through and figure something out. Then they remember, “O, I can’t do that, I should just give up.” So they do and they never learn how much fun skateboarding can really be.

I hope you learn a lot here and look around. It can be a good starting point and a good time saver. Have fun and take your time learning. Really think about it and you can have a great time skating while progressing really quickly!