How Two Flowering Essences Will Reduce Cat Anxiety?

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Bach’s Rescue Remedy

For cat anxiety symptoms, Bach’s is probably the most popular flowering essence product I’ve come across.

She became more affectionate, and actually came to me for attention and petting!

Bach’s Rescue Remedy is safe for cats and humans – there’s no side effects.

It’s easy to administer in food or water – just put a few drops in.

 Because Bach’s Rescue Remedy stops cat anxiety, Kitty doesn’t urinate outside the box, since she’s no longer anxious, and feels the need to mark spots for comfort.

You can use Bach’s Rescue Remedy to reduce cat anxiety for:

  • Halloween
  • Thanksgiving/Christmas/Easter dinner madness at your house
  • Moving to a new home

By the way, you can use Bach’s too! It’s not just for relieving cat anxiety or changing cat behavior. Try several drops for a few days if you’re going through a bad patch.

How Two Flowering Essences Will Reduce Cat Anxiety?

  • Since it’s true that our pets can sense our moods, it’s possible your anxiety may transfer to kitty. With Bach’s you can both be calm.
  • Purchase Bach’s Rescue Remedy for your kitty now. You only use two drops per day, twice a day. One bottle will last about two months.

    When Bach’s starts calming your kitty down, and she’s no longer damaging your house with her urine, you’ll know it’s money well spent!