How vital using lamps performed is to reaching your goals in life?

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Lamps performed is a simple yet vital part of L.A.M.P.S. Technology. Use it and reach your goals. It is finding out if what you are doing is worth your efforts. And lamps performed does this effortlessly for you.

Besides even if your efforts get results you must know the best way to discover if what you are doing is moving you forward. This is what it means to work smarter and not harder. But smarter does not mean easier.

Understand no matter what you want to achieve in life… easy or not… you must work at it. There is no free lunch. But you can use and organized strategy to get more done with your time.

You can be running the best race on the track of your life but using the outside track means taking the long way around a biggest circle for no good reason.

How vital using lamps performed is to reaching your goals in life?

Measuring your performance results using L.A.M.P.S. Technology gives you confidence and boldness. You dare to do more and be more.

Productive actions become your desired results. Bold action is the result of right choices.

And taking genuine and dynamic actions reduces your list of non-productive activities. One sure way you can change anything in your life is to modify your actions. Start taking actions which get results.

First begin focusing on what you can change. Take actions in small chunks. If you want to start an exercise program then exercise for one minute. Add on minutes you want to do until you reach your goal.

This way you won’t get discouraged or start obsessing on meaningless details.

Dump the details. It’s easy to dwell on those little details, minor ideas, meaningless events and side roads. Too many times we all get caught up in details which have no big impact on our life.

Involving yourself with worthless details increases your stress. You do more and get less done. And this is a waste of your time.

Succeeding means you need to keep doing what gives you the best results. repeating the most common actions which get the results you want

Whatever good comes out of your efforts increases your chances of success when you repeat the most productive actions.


CONCLUSION… Lamps performed shows you what you are doing. It contains PMA or performed measurble actions. You find out what is working for you and what is not… knowing this alone is priceless.