How you can add cool desktop wallpaper to your movie?

Elvis Elvis

There are many websites that offer some really cool desktop wallpaper that you can use in your dvd movie. Whether or not you have found the perfect background, read on to learn more…

To start, type in desktop wallpaper in one of the search engines.

This will bring up many sites that offer cool desktop wallpaper you can use.

I saved many different ones to try in my movie, so you might want to do the same.

Many of these sites offer download instructions for saving to your computer. I recommend creating a folder this time in
my documents
and naming it wallpapers. Save all of your wallpaper in that folder.

Cool Desktop Wallpaper into 3D Album

Since I used the flipping #2 style from the album category
you can see the example here…

How you can add cool desktop wallpaper to your movie?
Make sure you have the flipping style #2 up in your 3D Album preview window. Below the window click where it says backwall. A window will pop up that has two tabs at the top. One says Template and the other one says From File. Click on the From File tab to find your my documents in the left column. When you click on that you will see the folder you created called wallpapers. After you click on the wallpapers folder you will see all of them you downloaded like this..

How you can add cool desktop wallpaper to your movie?

Choose one then click OK. Now preview it by clicking on the round green button located at the lower right corner of the preview window. Repeat this process for front, back, etc. Play around with it. See what cool desktop wallpaper you like best for each one.