How you can use a Quantum Hologram to transplant your Goal into your Subconscious Mind

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It is time to transform and transplant your Goal into your Quantum Hologram.

Such a Hologram is the unique non-local wave form associated with each physical object.

Of course this is a very short and simple epitome of an extensive science in progress. I am not a scientist myself, but phenomenon like Psychic Healing and Manifesting Goals can be scientifically understood in the light of this science.

QH was discovered 1992 by Dr. Walter Schempp, a mathematician from Germany. Since then this science has developed at a great speed.

Edgar Mitchell, one of the astronauts who landed on the moon tells us, that in NASA the scientists have found, that the human body is a holographic image of the entire creation of Universe and that we live in a Hologram.

That any object is a small piece of the Universal Hologram and that it contains exactly the same image as the whole Universe! Your physical body, your life and your possessions works the same way. They can all be located anywhere in space or time, existing everywhere simultaneously.

How you can use a Quantum Hologram to transplant your Goal into your Subconscious Mind

When You in your Mind create new things or change existing matters within the Quantum Hologram, they start to exist and manifest in your life.

There is no other way to learn this than to practice. Easiest and fastest progress in this ability, will be reached when you let your brainwaves slow down to DELTA sate during the practice.

In fact, what you are doing all the time, subconsciously, is creating all the circumstances in your life by changing these invisible waves. For better or for worse.

What you need to learn is to do this conscious, in order to be your own life’s Master and make your life a True Success.

When your Goal successfully has been transplanted in your Quantum Hologram it is time to Let Go.