Huge front window curtain situation

by Sheri Hartlen
(New Brunswick Canada)

Hi, I have a huge front window that goes from my downstairs rec room to my upstairs living room. Currently they are covered by vertical blinds from the original owner. I HATE them!!!!

I need some ideas desperately that won’t break the bank. My problem….I love natural light coming in and my husband was a vampire in a previous life.

Therefore we require something that can be easily closed and opened when required.
I would appreciate all ideas.

Thank you

Huge front window curtain situation

Hi Sheri

I know you said you hate vertical blinds. However they are probably the best cost option for covering very large windows.

What about going for woven wood vertical blinds to add some character to your window. you would then still get all the practicality that verticals give. But with some character to add interest.

If that’s a definite no no then you could fit wood blinds. without knowing the window sizes or whether the frame divides the window up. I can’t say if this option would look right.

You would almost certainly need to have top blinds and lower blinds to cover this window properly. The weight of very long blinds would make them impossible to lift.

You would then need the upper blinds to have extra long control cords. Or you can get remote operation kits to add to your wood slat blinds that make them motorized and work with a remote control. I was surprised how little it costs.

Another option would be to fit an electric curtain track that would be worked by remote control. You can get these from $ 150 dollars upwards on ebay.

You would then need some custom made curtains to fit the very long drop. If you again squire some drapery fabric from ebay you could keep the cost down. Then either make the curtains yourself or get someone to do it for you.

I hope one of these options works for you.

Best regards