I already answered you! – Christian Mom Devotionals

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I have found myself telling my children, “I already answered you.” They keep asking the same question to see if I have changed my mind. On the way back from a follow-up visit for Emma this week, I realized that God was saying the same thing to me! When facing surgery to remove her tumor, I had prayed for God to heal her and remove the tumor for good. Lately, Emma had been banging her head on the floor as she had done with the brain tumor. I was scared to take her back for the check-up. I worried all the way there that they would find that it had grown back. After the MRI, we met with the neurosurgeon. He told me that Emma’s brain had completely healed! On the way home I realized that God had been saying all along, I told you I healed her. This reminded me of Mark 9:24:

And straightway the father of the child cried out, and said with tears, Lord, I believe; help thou mine unbelief.

I already answered you!   Christian Mom Devotionals

So many times we pray but do not completely believe that God will answer the prayer. When it happens, we act surprised. The father believed that Jesus could heal his child, but he still had some doubt. With Emma, God reminded me that he had answered my prayer to heal her. I knew that God had miraculously healed her before but there was still some doubt within me that God would still be faithful. As parents’ we think that our children should listen to us the first time and believe us when we tell them something. Our Heavenly Father wants the same from his children.


Heavenly Father,

Thank You for reminding me how good You have been to me. Thank You for being patient when You have told me the same thing over and over. Help me to grow in my faith that I may walk closer to You. Lord, I believe but still struggle with doubt. Help me to conquer my unbelief.

In Jesus name,