I challenge you- reach the people in need

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This world is unbalanced with some good hearted people with beautiful serene spirits that end up going through many trial and tribulations. Without Love, hope and the Almighty at their sides or at a view that can be seen these shimmering Sunflowers starts to whither, and fade away into desolation. Already dead in Spirit but not in body.

I had the privilege to be wheeled into a nursing/ rehabilitation center from an ambulance bed. Incompetent doctors decided to discharge me from the hospital because I refused to let them cut on me anymore ( I wasn’t allowing them to make anymore money from the numerous operations they had performed on me unnecessarily). The doctor discharged me still in a flare up, with part of my lungs not working a few days after serious surgeries and I had pneumonia. The pulmonary doctor knew I had to still be on oxygen and needed rehab on my lungs so he sent me to this supposed rehab center/home. Actually I was the youngest person there and it was really more of a nursing home for people who were too old to help themselves. I was too weak to even sit up and walk by myself. I was feverish, in pain, gasping for breath even when I was on the oxygen. I stayed on oxygen for 24 hours a day.

As they rolled me into the home tears began to stream down my face. The place looked clean, people seemed courteous, but the smell of death permeated through the air. It wasn’t stench but a way one may feel if he were laying in a coffin having them shovel a little dirt at a time. I felt suffocated spiritually. The patients walked around in a daze as if they were lost souls waiting to be put to rest. If there is such a place where you go to wait for your body to leave this world because your spirit was already gone. I was there. I thought to myself, “when am I going to wake up from this nightmare. It all seemed so unreal but it was the cold hard reality and there was no escaping it.

I challenge you  reach the people in need

As I lay in my bed hooked up to the oxygen machine, this pale, feeble lady walked to her room door right across from mine. She stood there blankly looking into space. Her eyes were a little pink and looked so lost and so sad. The front of her nightgown was wet. She stood there holding it for minutes and then she turned and walked back into the dark room where she came from. The pain in my heart flowed like a river not because she wet herself and would end up sleeping in her urine. My heart hurts because who was she? Was she someone’s daughter, someone’s mom, someone’s sister, someone’s wife, someone’s grandma? What was her life like before she got to this place? Where are the love, joy, peace, and serenity? Where is the one person that could give her a hug, a kiss on her cheek? Where is that one person that cares enough to help her gently out of her wet clothes and softly cover her with dry ones? Where is that person to cuddle her unto she falls into a comforting dream state? How many people out there exist like that?

People are so ready to judge and say you didn’t live a good life that is why you end up alone and lost. As the great book says “He who sin not cast the first stone!” The lady, the lost soul she could be your mom, she could be your sister, she could be your lost friend, she could be your lost mate, she could be you years from now. You never know what life may hold for you no matter how much money and riches you may have. She is someone that truly needs love and compassion. Why do we only care about those that are related to us or those that treat us well? The same way God blessed you with what ever you may have; just like the disasters around the world, war, terrorism, hurricanes, earthquakes, Tsunamis… It can be wiped out with the blink of an eye.

I challenge you today. Those of you who are fortunate to have two sandwiches, reach out and help your needy brother or sister who are hungry and in need. All the celebrities and wealthy that give to charities I applaud you. Let me ask you this. How many of them really reach the people in need? Those of you who don’t give did you ever think to feed a poor family instead of buying that Platinum necklace you saw in the store. Did you ever think to stop at a hospital or nursing home just to show compassion and love instead of sipping on some Crystal with your boys? Did you ever need a hug or a kind word? Instead of paying 5,000 to get your eyebrows waxed did you ever consider how many hungry people could eat? Did you forget what it felt like to be hungry and without? Instead of throwing millions of dollars away on extravagance did you ever think about those that are dying and can’t afford medicine? Were you ever sick or do you know someone that was?

I used to look up to artist that preach about giving back to the community, saying knowledge is power, and spreading the words of spirituality. Singing it and speaking it is good but how are you thanking the Almighty for all the blessing you have received? Were you always wealthy? Didn’t some kind heart help you along the way? Aren’t you blessed? I used to look up to people like this one artist that has been known for a while especially when he turned to God and the Spirit of the Lord seemed to be flowing from his mind. I thought to myself, there is hope; they have spiritual, strong, intelligent leaders out there glorifying the Almighty’s name. I know he was touched the alarm was sounded. “But salt water and fresh water can’t come from the same spring.” No matter what you say in your lyrics you can’t be true and serve two masters. Like a traffic light out of tack you send mixed signals. Nobody is perfect but you can’t openly serve the evils of this world and still preach. That is what they call false prophecy. The Almighty is not the author of confusion.

I challenge you brothers and sisters today. The time is now! I challenge you to stop riding the fence. Don’t reject the Almighty with your weaknesses. You have a calling on your life. The time is now! It must be answered. I challenge our sisters to bloom into beautiful Spirits God intended them to be. The evils of this world want us to degrade one another, bring down our self-esteem. The evils want us to believe we have to put up with abuse because we can’t do better.

Spread knowledge, love, spirituality and peace. Save our seeds from the inevitable doom headed their way. Take a stand. I challenge you to love your brother, love your sister, love your mother, love your mate, love your seeds, love that lost soul that is filled with excruciating mental & physical pain. I challenge you to reach out and do something for someone that you won’t benefit from in any way. Sexual intimacy between a man and woman is spiritual, the completion of unifying a commitment of love in the privacy of those two. Singing, selling exploiting sex is all a part of feeding into the evils of this world. It is used to confuse seeds (the youth). Beauty is within not how much you can bare your skin. I challenge you today to make a choice and get off the fence.

Years ago we have gone through slavery, struggled to be allowed the opportunity to learn to read and write. Many don’t know but all races have been slaves at one time. Many have died to give the minority the right to vote. I challenge you today. Don’t let our strong leaders fight and death be in vain. Go make a difference in this world. Stand up; stand up for your rights. Just as much as racism come from hate groups like the KKK. It also comes right here from amongst people of their own race. They are no different from all the hate groups that terrorize and kill others. I’ve known brothers as soon as they get any prestige in life tell me they would never date a sister and vice versa. I have heard people of the same race cursing and degrading their own kind, with so much hate and ignorance. Do they remember where they came from and what their bloodline is? Saying they would never marry their own kind and people of another race is much better. Love has no boundaries but racism due to ones skin color, especially among your own people is an abomination to mankind. I challenge you to reach out with kindness to the next person you see in need regardless of skin color, gender or age.

Life has its twists and turns. One day you may be sitting on top of the worlds with all that you consider your riches and the next day you could be sick, lost, eaten up by evils of mankind that you allowed temptations to control your very being. You could sink fast and deep into that black whole without realizing it. You might be wondering how I got here. You might just be spaced out, withering, waiting for your soul to be freed. I challenge you today! Wake up and live and help other to live. I challenge you to see life as it really is and realize how you wake up every day. I challenge you to realize how you make it each day and how you got where you are. I challenge you to give some of that wealth you were allowed to manage by the Almighty to someone else, whether it be a hug, knowledge, money, support, a kind word, standing up for someone else, standing up for yourself, loving others, loving yourself. I challenge you today! The time is now!

Paula a.k.a Destiny