I need help decorating a set of 3 windows

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by Liz

Hi there,

My name’s Liz and I’m totally stuck as to how to dress up my living room windows! I have a set of 3 windows in my living room (angled somewhat like a bay window). The middle window is several inches wider than the other two, and there is about 1-foot of wall between each window.

Each window has a ~5-inch wide white wooden frame bordering each window, with decorative moulding on top. When we bought the house, all the windows came dressed with horizontal white faux-wood blinds which I really like.

I was wondering what type of window treatment/drapery would look best in this area: valance vs. panel, 3 separate decorative rods..?!? P.S…there is a couch and 2 end tables in front of this set-of-3 windows. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!


I need help decorating a set of 3 windows

Hi Liz

Not sure if this picture appeals to you. If it does then great. The window above has a similar layout to yours.

These roam shades are only to dress the window and don’t rise and fall. If you like the idea and want to have some yourself then simply fill in your details below and get a FREE guide to making your own. I made these in an afternoon and the best part is NO SEWING.