I need window treatment that provides privacy and lets light in for large window

by Sheria

Hello! I am new at trying to decorate and would love some advice on what to do.

I have a large window approx 7′ x 10 ‘ long ( Actually 3 windows side by side). This window I open the blinds everyday for the light but since it is in my living room on a busy street I have to close it everyday too.

The size of my ceilings are about 10′ tall and the room size is approx 20′ x 15 ‘ ( the 20′ side is w/ the window).

I want something elegant… or at least look as I planned it, not as I currently have the blue blinds that came w/ the house. They do serve their purpose but they are UGLY.

I am thinking a TRAVERSE ROD?? but not sure if is best to divide the windows up w/ curtains in between each of them, but then how will I close them for privacy? Should I go to the ceiling? If I do is that usually a custom curtain? Cost is an issue in my decision. I am also undecided on the colors too. My furniture is a tan-ish color. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated!!! thanks in advance!

I need window treatment that provides privacy and lets light in for large window

Hi Sheria

It’s a big window you have there. You will not get a pair of ready made curtains to fit the width.

So if you want to keep the cost down then you would need to hang 2 pairs of ready made curtains. One pair to the outsides then one pair to the spaces in between the windows. You could tie them back to keep them off the windows.

I would get new fabric slats for your vertical blind. you could get sheer fabric ones that would give you privacy but let the light in during the day. Just replacing the slats costs a fraction of a new blind.

Then I would fit an 8 inch deep top board over the window at a height to accommodate the length of your ready made curtains. Fix the new track to the underside of the top board towards the front so your curtains hang in front of your blinds.

Finally to cover the top board. You again wont get a ready made valance to fit that window width. So you will need to use 2 and butt them up together. If you do it nicely tucking in where they meet it will look like one valance. I’ve done it a few times myself.

The thin edge of your top board will be about one inch wide. this is where you will hang your valance from. Your have 2 option. first is to screw in eyelets all the way around at 5 inch intervals. Then hook the curtain hooks in your valance tape into the eyelet hooks in the board.
A very laborious job.

The second way use a staple gun and staple between the pleats every few inches. Then dress the pleats a little it will work a treat. This is my preferred method.

I hope that helps

Best regards


P.S. A top board is just a piece of timber 8 inches by 1 inch by as long as you need. In your case I would do it in half. Then push together in the middle of your window. Then fix it to your wall on simple shelf brackets. You wont see these when your curtains and valance are fitted.