Interview tips – I Want A Change Of Role

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Whether it’s a promotion or a career change, knowing what motivates you impacts your interview success.

Not everyone has a clear vision of the type of job or career they want.

And that’s ok. Actually, it can be quite useful.


Because it means you’re in an ideal position to choose your dream job, without being held back by misconceptions about what you “should” or “shouldn’t” do.

The fact is: you either choose your job or you end up there by accident.
It’s up to you.

If you decide to take control and make some decisions, then you can choose the jobs you apply for. If you know enough about what motivates you about work, you can identify what you dream job might be.

Once you know what your dream job could be, you can find out what qualifications or experience you would have to have, to get that job.

When you’ve done that, you can put a plan together that moves you closer to your dream job. Each job you have and every training course you complete either moves you closer towards or further away from your dream job.

Interview tips   I Want A Change Of Role


The first step is to understand why you want to leave your current role.

If you don’t work out why you’re leaving, your next job could end up being just as bad, once the honeymoon’s over…