Ideas for organizing a happy&fun Family Reunion

Planning and preparing for a Family reunion should be fun

Ideas on how to do this are plentiful but like any other special occasion its’ up to us to set the date, time and place.

While getting others helping and playing their parts will really make it a very special event. So where do we start? Here are a few ideas to get you going.

Writing the Reunion Letter and Invitations……
Planning and writing a reunion letter before you start sending out the invitations is a good idea! Families lose contact for various reasons so in this is one way to reintroduce yourself and your desire to have a reunion.

Planning the Family Reunion meal
Here’s a recipe to make the family reunion meal an integral part of your event as everyone loves great food! Whether it’s a buffet or sit down meal it’s all a matter of choice.

Ideas for organizing a happy&fun Family Reunion

Themes – Costumes All dressed up?

Do you have a theme? Some families are really getting into the swing and “old time” feel of things and dressing up in costume. It really depends on you and what you want – there are no fixed rules, so why not go back in time!

Or maybe having the event combed with a special occasion like Gold or silver wedding anniversary or 50th birthday celebration might give it an added theme focus. These are always unique occasions where something big is usually called for and people often make an extra effort for one of these events.

Don’t forget this is only the idea stage – nothing is fixed yet but this is a good time to find out who would be interested. Again make your idea known giving plenty of advanced notice of your intentions – the bigger the event – the more notice is needed.

Choosing Reunion Games & Gift ideas
Plan to play some games! They make great ice breakers and can be used to get people talking mixing and laughing. They also help to eliminate persons being left out of conversation and feelings of isolation.

Deciding on Location or vacation

How about going on holiday together? This could really help with costs – a family holiday could be rolled into the one occasion. The hotel could be block booked and perhaps a special discount negotiated with the management or they may even do special packages for occasions like this.

Beware though – spending extended time with those special family members could be tricky so again there’s lots to think about.

Other items like suitable locations to accommodate the size of the group will be found as you exchange ideas of what you’d like to do – so find out what’s possible talk it over.

Above all remember that these are only suggestions

whatever you decide have a happy and very successful family reunion!