Ideas For Romantic Valentines Days

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Ahhh—Valentine’s Day.  It’s a day for love, romance, and spending time with the one you love.

Today, people often refer to it as a commercial holiday brought about by the greeting card industry.

But, what most people don’t know is that the holiday has been around for quite a long time.

Valentine’s Day was named after two important men, both of whom were Christian martyrs with the name Valentine.

Although it is today, the holiday wasn’t always associated with love and romance, although, in ancient times, the month of February was linked with fertility and love.

The High Middle Ages can be thanked for the holiday’s connection to romance and love.  It was at that time that people saw the boom of courtly love.

Romantic Valentines Day Ideas

Valentine’s Day didn’t actually get the date on the calendar we know today until 1382.

That’s when Geoffrey Chaucer wrote the romantic poem entitled Parliament of Foules.

Chaucer wrote this poem in honor of the first anniversary of England’s King Richard II engagement to Anne of Bohemia.

At that point the liturical calendar recognized May 2 as Valentine of Genoa’s saints’ day.  However, the poem’s readers thought that Chaucer indicated that February 14 was the holiday’s date.

Shortly thereafter, another Valentine’s Day poem was written by Charles, Duke of Orleans for his wife in 1415.  It not only showed her his love, but is also considered to be the first surviving valentine to date.

Ideas For Romantic Valentines Days

Over the years Valentine’s Day has evolved into the holiday we know and love today.  It has been said that British settlers brought the holiday to the United States in the 19th century.  We now recognize its important symbols such as cupid, hearts, and the aforementioned valentine.

The first valentines to be mass-produced, made of embossed paper lace, were created and distributed by Esther Howland of Worcester, Massachusetts.  This took place just after 1847.

Romantic Valentines Day Ideas
Exchanging valentines went on for quite a long time.  However, in the 20th century’s second half, this practice gave way to the new tradition of also giving gifts.

Valentine’s Day gifts were usually comprised of chocolates and roses, given to a woman by a man.

Jewelry became a popular gift choice in the 1980s when the diamond industry promoted the day as the perfect occasion for bestowing such trinkets.

But, Valentine’s Day isn’t just for flowers, candy, and jewelry anymore.  Unique gifts, such as trips, spa days, and even handmade items are now given to lucky recipients.

For some, however, the holiday isn’t all about gifts.  It’s also about spending time with the one you love, and perhaps even getting the chance to practice the art of kissing!

Today the holiday is celebrated around the world, even though some countries celebrate in a different way or on a different date.  Here are a few examples:

Romantic Valentines Day Ideas

Korea and Japan use February 14 as a day to give those they like gifts of flowers and candy.

But, on March 14, also known as White Day, men who received chocolates on that day are usually expected to reciprocate the gifts to the original givers.

Korea has even taken it a step farther by dubbing April 14 Black Day.  It’s a day when males who hasn’t received a Valentine’s Day gift gather to eat a traditional dish called Jajangmyun.

South Korea has another holiday similar to Valentine’s Day called Pepero Day on November 11.  It is a time when young couple exchange romantic presents.

Lovers in the Persian Culture discreetly celebrate the date, although it is frowned upon by their strict Islamic government.

Brazil celebrates what they call the Dia dos Namorados, or the Day of the Enamored.  Similar to Valentine’s Day, it is observed on June 12.  Gifts given include cards, chocolate, flowers, and lingerie.

Columbia celebrates Dia del Amor y la Amistad, or Love and Friendship Day, in September on the month’s third Friday and Saturday.

Mexico celebrates a holiday similar to Columbia’s.
It may have the same name, but is celebrated on the traditional February 14.

Valentine’s Day is a wonderful tradition observed annually to celebrate the bond between those who love each other.

Mark your calendars now, because February 14 is right around the corner!