Ideas for stress management

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Let me think…

Our ideas, the endless possibilities to Holistic Stress Management.

It doesn’t need to be serious.

In fact, it can be simple, yet crazy, really wacky, or funny.

There are plenty of ways to deal with or manage stress.

Some of us become gluttons (ahem!), munching on the latest, most heavily-advertised potato chips on television while slurping on the newest, sweetest drink on the planet.

Some go for the siesta (my number one choice of favorite things to do). However, often the case is that my ‘nap’ turns into a three-hour sleep.

Some go jogging (me not included) for kilometers, strapped with the latest pedometer in the market only to be queuing up afterwards at a popular family restaurant for the just-roasted, succulent ribs, a few blocks away from home.

Ideas for stress management

Some go jogging and then drive home. Wow.

How about you?

What do you do when you are facing stress?

Crazy but simple.