Increase Your Profits at Online Poker. Learn how to Pay Less in Rake

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In Poker the “rake” is the portion of the pot the “house” takes as it’s share for hosting the game. It used to be said that even good players may find it hard to beat the rake at Low Limit games in a traditional cardroom. In many ways this is still true.

A skilled, conservitive player will generally pay less in rake than his looser playing counterparts. The rake comes directly out of the pot. The more pots you pay into the more rake you pay. A skilled player will be involved in fewer pots but they will tend to be larger. Winning a few good sized pots will show much more profit than taking down many smaller pots. This is partly due to what’s known as “pot tax”. This includes the rake and any tips you may be making in a live game.

Increase Your Profits at Online Poker. Learn how to Pay Less in Rake
At the local poker palace where I play in a $3-6 game, $4.00 is removed from most pots. Granted $1.00 is for a “Jackpot” but the other three go directly to the house. I noticed that even though I was playing well, winning my share of pots, I wasn’t building up many more chips than I started off with.

In an Online game I knew I’d be way ahead so I started keeping track.

In the cardroom, unless a pot got very large the rake took at least 10% of the pot, often more. Throw in a tip to the dealer and even more of your chips evaporate. Even the cocktail waitress is getting her share.

Next I played the same $3-6 stakes at home online. The max rake is 5%, half of what I paid in the live game. In addition there was no tipping. I didn’t even figure in other expenses.

I figured the difference for four hours of play to be $50-60. This means the night I broke even at the cardroom

I would have made $50-60 by staying home and playing online!

Possibly even more! Because many more hands are dealt per hour in online games a skilled player can expect to earn much more online vs a traditional cardroom. I’m not saying to give up your night out at a cardroom but if you currently play poker only in live venues I strongly reccommend you try out the online sites.