Inexpensive Golf Gloves Can Be Better For Your Game

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Cabretta leather golf gloves – nice, luxurious, and EXPENSIVE! But the frugal golfer doesn’t get caught up in the hype for premium golf gloves. Inexpensive gloves just might be better for your game!

Your only connection with the golf club is through the grip, so arguably how you grip the club can be a critical part of your game. Terms like “hand hugging fit”, “buttery soft feel”, & “great looks” are often used to describe the premium glove, but these elements have little to do with its essential function.

The essential function of a golf glove is to provide a light, but firm grasp of the club. (A light, firm grasp is crucial to a proper golf swing.) The legendary Sam Snead described the pressure to be used as firm enough to hold a small bird in your hands, but light enough not to crush it!

Inexpensive Golf Gloves Can Be Better For Your Game

Central to using the proper pressure on the club is the nature of the golf club grips themselves – they cannot be too smooth or slippery (more about this on a future page on golf grips). Given the right grip, some better players & pros don’t even use a glove, preferring the “feel” of bare skin on the golf grip!

Leather gloves provide an excellent grip of the club — when dry. However, if you sweat a lot or it starts raining, leather gloves quickly become slippery. So you solve your problem either by switching to a dry glove or a rain glove. OR, you can use a multipurpose synthetic fabric golf glove. This kind of glove allows for a light, firm grip in all kinds of weather. It also costs a fraction of the premium gloves. I’ve personally found an additional undocumented (albeit somewhat unsanitary) benefit to this glove on the green by using the palm of the glove, moistened by spit, to clean my ball before putting.

When shopping for a real or synthetic leather glove, shop mainly for price. But, be prepared to also invest in a set of rain gloves. Much cheaper overall is the versatile synthetic fabric glove.

Functionality and price are the two key elements the frugal golfer considers when shopping for golf gloves.