Inflatable Swimming Pools May Not Have Safety Codes?

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In-ground pool owners have to make sure there is a fence surrounding their pool or yard. Since 1992, there must also be a self-closing gate.

For the permanent above-ground pools, there must be a retractable ladder or a gate around the top of the pool with a locking mechanism.

But many of the new inflatable pools on the market are as big as those permanent above-ground pools. Some are more than three feet high, and 30 feet or more across. They can be set up within a half-hour, and fill it up overnight. They come with their own pumps and filters. The cost is often several hundred dollars. And there are currently no safety codes or ordinances in place for them.

Inflatable Swimming Pools May Not Have Safety Codes?Inflatable Swimming Pools May Not Have Safety Codes?

“It’s like having a pond or those portable ponds or the inflatable jacuzzi-type, there really is no legislation. There are no codes that would enhance the safety features,” says West Seneca Town Supervisor Paul Clark.

He says perhaps there should be.

“It’s obviously a safety factor. It could be a hazard and I would think there might be something that should be looked at,” said Clark.