Information On Dream Signs

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Dream Signs are clues that you’re dreaming – images or events that make you realize you’re not in the everyday world.

Once you’ve been keeping a dream journal for a few weeks, you should be able to start reading it through and making a list of the most common elements – places, people, scenes or actions that form recurring themes.

Identifying and thinking about your dream signs reinforces your intention to have a lucid dream, and helps make you more likely to notice that something’s not quite right when they appear.

For instance, I have quite a lot of dreams featuring zombies. I’ve never come across a zombie in real life, so this is a pretty good clue that I’m in a dream. This is a great example of how lucid dreaming can help you deal with nightmares too – take control and just send the monsters away!

Common Dream Signs

  • A car or computer not responding to you as it should.
  • Difficulty reading words.
  • People or pets who are dead.
  • Anxiety dreams, which vary from person to person – it might be running for a train or plane, having to pack in a hurry, or losing something important.
  • Fictional characters. I have a lot of dreams involving fictional characters!
  • A place or person who transforms before your eyes.
  • Loss of strength, not being able to run away.
  • Light which has no clear source.
  • Being at school or having to sit an exam, if you’re no longer in that environment in real life.
  • Any place, person or situation that regularly recurrs in your dreams.

Information On Dream Signs

I thought it might be helpful to include a few of my personal dream signs here, to give you an idea of the range of things you might find recurring in your dreams.

  • Being in my old house. I know I must be dreaming if I find myself in the bedroom I had when I was 13, or our old kitchen or garden.
  • Finding long-forgotten objects, books from my childhood, usually in an attic or cellar. These are always intensely emotional dreams for me.
  • Characters from Buffy the Vampire Slayer.
  • Being at a party with Stephen Fry.
  • Too many cats. I go into a room in a house I grew up in, and find it’s full of stray cats which have been breeding with each other for years, and my parents haven’t been taking care of.
  • Having to pack a huge amount of clothes and objects into two suitcases, in a hurry.
  • Walberswick, a village on the Suffolk coast where I used to go on holiday as a child.
  • Being in charge of a pirate boat.

As you build up your own list, start to perform reality checking on your dream signs .