Inspired Action Is Abundance Action

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Here’s an “Abundance action” reality check: if you really want to Create Life Abundance, action is necessary. Period.

Some of us cling to the idea that we can get what we want without doing anything to receive it – just look at how popular the lottery and other forms of gambling are. The idea of getting “something for nothing” is very seductive… and many of us believe – fantasize, actually – that it’s possible.

In fact, many of us use this fantasy as an excuse for not taking action to get what we want. We just keep our heads down, leave things to chance and cling to the idea that “maybe it will show up someday,” often because we’ve stored up too much fear or doubt to do anything else.

We focus on all the things we don’t have, never believing for a minute that we can manifest anything we want. But when you stop and think about it…

You’re always taking some kind of action…and you’re always manifesting something!

In truth, nothing ever manifests without our doing something to attract it! There is always some kind of energetic intention (action) at work on some level.

Even if you win the lottery, you still have to buy a ticket – or (to delve really far into fantasy) pick one up off the sidewalk that turns out to be a winner. Some kind of action is always required! It’s simply the way the universe – Infinite Energy – works.

Inspired Action Is Abundance Action

But to create true life abundance, action needs to be combined with something else: Inspiration.

Inspiration + Action = Inspired Action…and that equals Abundance Action!

Inspiration plus action equals inspired action, which equals abundance action: action which create abundance in your life! And inspired action is the key.

Without action, your inspiration can never go beyond you – it is meaningless unless you apply it somehow. And action without inspiration is hit-and-miss… mostly miss. Blindly acting, or thrashing frantically with the hope that something good might happen, makes very little sense… especially when taking truly inspired action virtually guarantees that what you want – or something even greater – will happen!

You have the power to actively and intentionally have, do, be and create anything you want! You do so by using your mind to visualize what you want and experience it in your imagination – a kind of “abundance thinking”. Techniques such as abundance affirmations can help you as well. Then, you manifest it into your physical experience by taking inspired action, or abundance action. This is one of the greatest abundance tools you have!

More than just action.

Inspired action – abundance action – is more than just “acting for the sake of acting”. And it is much more than just sitting around, hoping that your knowledge and vision alone will be enough to manifest what you want.

When you visualize yourself as already having what you want, you communicate what you want to Infinite Energy.

Infinite Energy then sends you guidance in many forms, including inspiration. It can also arrive in forms such as hunches, ‘gut’ feelings or thoughts that just ‘pop’ into your head. Externally, it can be things such as a newspaper or Internet article, a book, poem or inspirational quote, an advertisement, even some numbers on a house or car license plate.

The forms that guidance takes are limitless. As you learn to clear your mind and pay attention to your feelings, you will learn to recognize guidance when it comes. And when it does, you combine your inspiration with action – by taking inspired action. This is how you bring your vision into your experience!

Inspired abundance action can be more than action you are inspired to take; sometimes you will even be compelled to take it… and doing so will provide you with even further inspiration!

Inspired abundance action is action which empowers you; you are doing it because you want to; it is creative action. You are acting in harmony with the inspiration which guides you to take it… in harmony with Infinite Energy.

Inspired action is action “in spirit!”

If you just sit back, let things roll over you and wait for life abundance, you will get life abundance – in some form. But it probably won’t be the life abundance you want. Remember: life abundance can be positive or negative – good or bad!

To create good life abundance – which is what Creating Life Abundance is all about – learn to take inspired abundance action! It’s your natural ability; it’s acting in harmony with your spirit, your Source… Infinite Energy.

So which would you rather do? Sit on your butt, fantasize about what you want, and get depressed and jaded because it never actually manifests?

Or envision what you want, take inspired action to manifest what you want, and truly create unlimited abundance for yourself and others?

The choice is always yours!