Instructions on how to make a valance the easy way

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Now let me show you how to make a valance. You can sew it or glue it or use fusible webbing tape (tape that sticks using a hot iron). Just do what your most comfortable with.

This example is a simple straight valance to get you started. Right to the first step on how to make a valance, the fabric.

How much will you need

Well the easy way to work that out is to measure your window width and add on between 20 to 30 cm (8 to 12 inches). This is so your valance sits a little wider than your window.

Next step multiply that width by 2.5 for thick fabrics and multiply by 3 times for thin fabrics. This is to allow your valance to be gathered.

Most fabrics come in a width of 137cm (54 inches) wide. So for window width of 180cm (70 inches) you need 180cm X 3 for thin fabric which = 540 now divide this by the fabric width 137 cm = 3.94

So this calculation shows you need 3.94 widths. You just round this up to 4 widths of fabric.(If slightly over just round down).

So that’s the width sorted…next step the depth !

My advice on how to make a valance would be to set your valance 15 to 20 cm (6 to 8 Inches) over your window. This allows you to have a valance deep enough to see the fabric but not to come to deep into the window.

So you will end up with a valance depth of between 20 to 30 cm (8 to 12 inches). You decide how deep you want it to be.

So exactly how much fabric do you need ?

Lets say you want a valance depth of 25cm (10 inches). You need to add on another 15cm (4 inches) for hems. So it’s 4 widths of fabric X 40cm deep which = 160cm (63 inches). So 1.6 meters of fabric required.

What’s that you want to use a patterned fabric !

Well no problem but you need to allow for what’s called “pattern repeat”. On printed fabrics the pattern repeats its self usually every 25cm (10 inches). It can sometimes be more or less.

Instructions on how to make a valance the easy way

So to recalculate the how to make a valance example you will need to allow for the pattern repeat of 25cm (10 inches). You only need to allow for all the widths other than the first one. So in our example you will need an extra 25cm X 3 widths which = 75cm (29.5 inches). Add this to you original 1.6 meters of fabric to get a finished total of 2.35 meters of fabric.Now on to the making of your valance

In this example we are going to make a valance 4 widths wide by 25cm (10 inches) deep, also using a patterned fabric.

So you need to cut your first piece of fabric 36cm (14 inches) deep. No need to allow for pattern repeat on this width of fabric.

Next lay this piece of fabric onto your main piece of fabric and move up or down until the pattern on both pieces line up. then using a pencil or chalk draw a line along the top and the bottom. Then cut along theses lines.

Repeat this for widths 3 and 4.

Joining your widths together

You can sew the widths together or glue them or use fusible webbing. You should now have a long thin banner of fabric. The next job is to put a 2.5cm (1 inch) hem along the sides and the bottom.

Finishing the top of your valance

We are going to fold the fabric over a couple of times to create a pocket in which to slide a 20mm (3/4 inch) doweling rod. So make the top pocket 5 cm deep to allow the rod to slide through comfortably.

There you have it finished ready to hang on a rod

Just push the fabric onto the rod and ruch up until your valance is completely on.

Then fix 2 large cup hooks into the wall over your window about 15cm (10 inches) above the window. Now hook the valance rod into the hooks each end just behind the fabric. This will support your valance. That’s the end of how to make a valance I hope it helps you on your way.