Interlaken, Your Alpine Doorway

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Interlaken means “between lakes”. As the name implies, it lies between Lake Thun and Lake Brienz. In the Alps of the Berner Oberland, all paths lead through this formerly grand resort town.

Still worth browsing and handy for the services and utilities it offers Alpine travelers, the town has ceded it’s resort status to the newer attractions higher in the mountains.

The TI, tourist information office, is next to the Hotel Metropole on main street. There you will find good information on the complete region, Alpine lift discounts, room finding, and local activites. Look for brochures on the area. Many include free maps or you can spend a couple of Swiss Francs for a larger one.

Interlaken, Your Alpine Doorway

Depending on your next destination you may want to stay here or move farther into the valley in preparation for going higher. From here it is easy to catch a train to the lakeside towns and those on the lower slopes. Towns at higher altitude are more quickly reached from Lauterbrunnen or Steckelberg.