Interview On Women’s Self-Esteem Self-Help topic

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This is an excerpt from an interview I did with Phoenix and Phoenix Literary Publicists: Interview with Author Lyca Shan on the topic of Women’s Self-Esteem:

Question #1:

Why do you suppose some women attract a certain element of chaos into their lives?


I believe that the early influences in our life create a form of inner momentum; basically, I found that the external chaos I was exposed to as a child internalized, creating chaotic energy. Since like energy attracts like, I obviously attracted a lot of chaos into my life because of that. I do believe that once you are aware of this you have the ability to change it. We may be affected by our environment, but I do not believe that it is the sum total of who we become.

Interview On Womens Self Esteem Self Help topic

Question #2:

Did you recognize your own patterns of behavior and the characteristics of the people you surrounded yourself with?


It took me a long time to disengage from my upbringing and really develop my own ability to watch myself in that respect. At that point I could recognize my own destructive behavior in my relationships.

Question #3:

What warning signs can you describe or detail that will help other women in similar situations?


If you find that you are consistently suffering from the same kind of emotional scenarios in your life that is one major red light. Repeated patterns have a way of defining your life and whom you choose to become close to. It is easy to place the blame on circumstance or environment, but if you throw a different personality into the same situation the results, and choices would be dramatically different. Knowing this may sound harsh, but it is actually a very liberating realization, as you then understand that you can change your own destiny, and defy those unconscious patterns.