Is it ok to hang different length drapes in the same room?

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I have another question. Two of my five living room windows are on side wall with radiators under them (they are as tall as the window sills).

The windows are at least 7 ft apart. The three remaining widows are on different walls (two facing the street and one facing the backyard)

Is it ok to have long drapes (above the window to the floor) on three windows and shorten the drapes over the radiators?

Your input is greatly appreciated!!!



Is it ok to hang different length drapes in the same room?

Hi Again Joan

In short the answer is yes, sometimes you just have to be practical about the length of your curtains.

If you are going to close them on a daily basis. Then you don’t want to cover the radiators during the winter months.

From a purely design point to view. Curtains to the floor look nicer. However if your windows are tall. Then you will still be seeing plenty of fabric.

The only way long curtains would work is if they are just for decorating the window. Then you could fit a blind or shade on the window for daily use.

I do this with some of my own windows. I have dressed the curtains in to their pleats. then draped them back off the window in to tassel tie backs. Then just use my blinds for privacy.

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