Is it possible to use screws in a UPVC window?

by Mags

I want to put up net curtains but there is no way I can put up a wire unless I screw hooks into the UPVC which I suspect I cannot do.

I have tried sticky hooks but the whole curtain has fallen down already!

Is it possible to use screws in a UPVC window?

Hi Mags

I know exactly what you mean with those sticky hooks. The glue is just not strong enough.

When I fit net wires I mostly screw in a 3/4 inch screw in to the plastic frame as close to the corners as I can. I drive the screw in half way. It will not cause any real harm to your frames.

That is the most effective and secure way to do it. The other way is to clean off the pads on those sticky hooks you have as best you can. Then use super glue to fix them in place.

Then finally rather than using curtain wire put your sheers on net rods and hang on the pin on the sticky hooks. This is a more expensive way to go but the only way if you really don’t want to use screws.

My advice would be to use the screws and wire a far more secure way to go.

Best regards