Is RV Travel A Part Of Your Retirement Plan?

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Do you plan to join the RV crowd in your retirement?

Baby boomers approaching retirement age, as well as mature seniors with the travel bug, are joining the recreational vehicle generation in greater numbers.

Perhaps the RV choice of recreation should be explored, when you are working at your retirement planning.

This mode of travel is an increasingly popular choice for the senior who wishes to:

— Travel at their own pace.
— Enjoy the nature in its beauty.
— Relax and get a restful sleep.
— Maintain a healthy eating plan.
— Get plenty of exercise.
— Travel with your pet.

The RV offers an ideal traveling arrangement, even if you have that special pet.

Most pets do enjoy travelling, however, remember to:

— Pack bedding, food, any medications and water and dishes for your pet.
— Make sure all required shots are current and All your pet’s tags accompany you!
— Always include contact information such as owner’s name, phone #, address.
— Carry copies of the latest vaccination records of your pet.

Thinking About Joining the RV Generation?
Try Renting First.

If you have not already enjoyed an RV excursion, you can always rent one for the first time out. Who knows, you may not enjoy this type of recreation and renting one for a short period of time is much cheaper than investing in a unit and concluding this is “not your cup of tea”.

Is RV Travel A Part Of Your Retirement Plan?

As with all travel preparations, be sure to have a maintenance check on your vehicle and replace worn parts, have all fluids topped up and check and replace anything that may present a problem later on during your trip.

Joining an auto service club, which usually includes roadside assistance, makes good sense.

These auto service clubs often offer discounts on RV parks, trip planning services and insurance rate discounts.

“Nearly 9 per cent of U.S. households headed by a senior over 55 now owns an RV”.”A University of Michigan study forecasts 8.5 million RV-owning U.S. households by 2010, an 8 per cent increase.”

Before you leave on your RV trip, make certain you have taken all security precautions around your home.

Necessities for recreational vehicle touring:

  • Maps
  • Cellphone and charger
  • Loose coin,cash, credit cards, cheque books,(Debit cards not always accepted.)
  • Food, beverages, ice.
  • Dishes, pots and pans packed.
  • Matches, Bbq Lighter, blankets, or sleeping bags.
  • Cold and cough medicines, antihistimines and insect repellant.
  • Digital camera, batteries and charger.
  • Glasses, prescription and sunglasses.
  • Umbrella, extra footwear, and several changes of clothing.

When camping with your RV, here are some firestarter tips:

— pine cones — (it has been suggested to soak these in kerosene first?)
— birch bark off dead fallen trees — (no need to soak in kerosene)
— Pellets (used in pellet stoves) soaked in lighter fluid.
— Small twigs off trees, with kerosene.
— Compressed cardboard soaked in kerosene.

These suggestions above have been provided to me, however, I have not tried any of these tips myself.

Prepare your recreational vehicle for the road trip:Is RV Travel A Part Of Your Retirement Plan?

— Shut off propane.
— Shut off water and check all hoses are picked up.
— Slideouts retracted and locked.
— Windows and doors closed and secure.
— Secure all dish and cookware.
— Secure TV, VCR and any other appliance.
— Fasten securely all moveable items, drawers, doors, etc.

Annually there are millions of open road enthusiasts exploring the wide open country and making new life-time friends and associates.

Will you be joining in this new RV life adventure?