Is There a Silver Bullet Exercise to Lose Belly Fat?

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Infomercials are constantly selling us on the best exercise to lose belly fat. Unfortunately there really are no exercises to get rid of belly fat. Your best bet for a “belly fat workout” is going to be a combination of moderate-high intensity cardio with strength training focused on large movements like squats, lunges, rows, and presses. Stay active between sets to keep burning calories while you “rest”.

Forget all the pills, forget the 100 abdominal exercises, just focus on the basics and keep the intensity up during your workout. Keep a long term focus on your overall fitness and you won’t need specific exercises to get rid of belly fat. Either spend the time that it takes to learn the best exercises, or get instruction from a qualified trainer to get you on the right path quickly.

Don’t kid yourself on the importance of diet, you can always out eat even the best designed workout plan. It’s just to easy to down an extra 500 calories with an extra large soda or coffee drink… depending on your size, as far as losing weight goes that pretty much kills the benefits of a 1 hr workout. Become aware of the calorie content in the foods you tend to eat, it will allow you to make informed choices more easily. Your approach to diet is at least as important as exercise, if losing belly fat is your goal.

Is There a Silver Bullet Exercise to Lose Belly Fat?