Is your little one’s school practicing preschool safety?

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There is so much going on in the world today. It seems that no one is safe. That is why we parents have to do all that we can to ensure our little ones’ safety.

When we drop off our little ones at school, we parents hope and pray that they are safe. It does not matter how old our little ones get. They could be 1 or 21; we still see them as our babies. And it does not matter if they are going to preschool or going off to college, the worry about them being safe is the same. Sometimes all you can do is pray and cross your fingers that they are safe. And other times, we have to be prepared!

Is your little one’s school practicing preschool safety?

Here are some things to look for to make sure your little one is in a safe environment while he/she is at school.

  • Is the preschool licensed?
  • Are background checks conducted on all staff and volunteers? If so, find out if it is state only or a national check. Also ask how often background checks are done.
  • Is there a check-in procedure so the staff is aware of who is in the building and around the children?
  • Is identification required to pick up a child? Are adults required to be on an approved list?
  • Are toys picked up off the floor to prevent slips and falls?
  • Are the toys in good condition? Broken toys can be dangerous to little ones.
  • Does the preschool look clean? One way to check is to checkout the bathroom and food preparation area.
  • Are the fire extinguishers easy to access?
  • Are smoke detectors installed?
  • Are the exits secured so that the preschoolers cannot walk out alone or a stranger can walk into the school?

Every parent wants to feel confident that their little ones are safe when they are at preschool. And with these telltale signs, you can see if your little one’s preschool is taking safety seriously.