Issues that cause high school stress

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For students, high school stress is real. From an adults or parents viewpoint… ‘School days are the best days of your life’. They can be when you look back, but for those children going through school, it doesn’t seem that way at times.

High School stresses are huge. For students it is a day to day pressure cooker. Not only is there pressures from learning, they are also developing hormonally, trying to fit in with the crowd, sport development etc. All of this stress mounts up and affects their physical, emotional and energetic health.

1. Learning … new information has to be processed constantly, you have to keep up, assignments and examinations are not necessarily there for your enjoyment. The brain is a powerful tool, we use it to learn and develop. The brain is just a glorified electrical circuit though.
If the wiring is rusty, broken or doesn’t link up where it should, then problems occur. It is like turning on a light switch and the radio goes on. Not an ideal way of living.
So if high school students have brains that are wired wrong, or are not quite right then school becomes hard and stressful.
Even if you are wired correctly and are doing well at school, then there are still ways to improve. Making the wires bigger, cleaner and more efficient helps in day to day school life. The brain works better so studying becomes easier and more efficient.
2. Peer Pressure… one of the bigger high school stresses is peer pressure. High school is a time in your life when you want to be accepted, liked and generally fit in. The pressures of school mates can be very intense. Peer pressure is greater today as society has become harder and more competitive.
How can you reduce peer pressure?
Having self-confidence and self-esteem is the best and easiest way to release and prevent peer pressures affecting you. Building self-confidence and esteem is a simple process of increasing energy, relieving stress and promoting happiness in you. Once this occurs then confidence is high and peer pressures are low.

Issues that cause high school stress

3. Career paths… as High School years tick by, teenagers are constantly asked ‘what are you going to do when you leave school’. Will you go to college, find a job, or learn a trade?
Today we are told we will change our job 5 times or more in our lifetime. The job market and career paths are not settled in today’s society. Yet we still expect the youth to look forward over the next 50 years of their working life and decide now what they should do.
Career choices will change, to deal with this stress it is best if the youth today just look at general career classifications they may enjoy.
Do you want to work inside or out? With people, as a team or alone? Computers or not computers?
Career advice is available today in schools, but don’t feel pressured to make a firm choice today. Relieve stress, relax and then work out your chosen career path. If you are relaxed and calm, healthy and less stressed then you tend to make better decisions on what you would like to do. Don’t rush it and allow for changes in your decisions, as you change as does your career paths.
4. School… yes, one of the big High School stress areas is school itself. School matters for teachers, but not a great deal for students. Why?
The day after you finish school, nobody cares what you did at school. If you are at college, or working … School doesn’t count. What you are doing at that point in time does.
So the intense pressures of school in general are high. School is also something you have no say in. You have to attend, you have no choice. And yes, if you don’t attend, your career paths will not be very good.
School is important, it is a stepping stone, but it is only a process to follow and complete. Once finished it doesn’t count. Use school to set yourself up for the future.
But enjoy school, the process of completing school and then going on to further study or work, is what it is all about. Enjoying school, keeping out of trouble and soaking up the school atmosphere, is great.
Making school less stressful is a matter of making your self less stressed. Learn ways to have more fun, laugh more, be healthier, play sport, join activities, drama, music … be involved and enjoy school.
The pressures of drugs, alcohol and general misbehavior happens to those not involved … involved in school or life. If you are one who feels they don’t fit in, join a group, do an activity and friendships develop. Learn ways to feel good about yourself and reduce stress, then … school days are the best days of your life.