It’s party time, let’s throw a party!

Throwing-a-party, for Kids or Adults, or a Wedding Party is it Costumedor not, the type of party that you are planning, is it to be held indoors or outdoors in the afternoon or evening, what is the occasion, how many guest do you plan for, is it for close friends, do you cater for uninvited party crashers,

Is it a Costume Party, if so is there a theme to the party,if it is to be a costume party without a theme then your guests can opt for a costume of their choice, an the other hand, if it is to be a Themed Party, then you may give invited guests advance notice of the type of costume they are expected to wear.

Its party time, lets throw a party!

Prepare as much as possible ahead of time, such as planning and buying decorations, balloons, hats, paper plates/cups, plastic utensils, the night before the party do the decorating, and lay out as much as possible, maybe you can have a friend help with the workload,

Prepare food a few days ahead of time, except food that will not keep, buy or make enough ice cube to last through the party time, you cannot cater to everyones taste in alcohol maybe you can suggest that they can bring their own.

A place in the home that sees a lot of use will be the bathroom, clean the bathroom, and put in tissues, paper hand towels, toilet paper, with some spare rolls, air freshener,

Are you going to allow smoking,let guest know where to smoke, ie, kitchen. or outdoors,

Put away any valuables or small items that may get broken or just disappear.