Jamaica Vacation Wedding – a wedding and honeymoon in one great Vacation

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A villa vacation in Jamaica was born from the idea of having a Jamaica vacation wedding.
It is always a great idea to have romantic weddings in Jamaica or other exotic Caribbean island… beautiful white sand beach, palm trees, island music, and rum, yes?

Family and friends are invited to participate in this wonderful occasion.

After the reception, the guests toss rice on the bride and groom and off they go on their honeymoon leaving the guest behind. Does this sound familiar?

Our idea was to have our family and friends enjoy some time with us before the wedding.

Arrival at the Villa

We arrived at the villa about mid-day and were greeted by the house manager Ms. Sheryl and her staff.

We toured of the facilities and found it to spotless both indoors and outdoors. The yard was green and healthy and the smell and gentle breeze from the ocean was very accommodating.

We chose the bedroom on the south end of the Siesta (the largest villa on the property), with an Ensuite bathroom.

We added welcoming gifts in each room for our families and friends before they arrived later that afternoon.

Planning Menu for Four Days

Our arrangement with the villa was to provide us with three meals each day.

We discussed with Ms. Sheryl some dishes that we wanted on the menu, since we are familiar with food in Jamaica.

Our local guests who came by at odd times during the day, and Ms. Sheryl or house manager was on the ball providing food and drinks as they arrived.

However, it is not necessary for you to worry about planning your meals; your job is to have fun. The villa will pamper and feed you well.

Jamaica Vacation Wedding   a wedding and honeymoon in one great Vacation

The Guests Arrived

The most important location at our villa was the huge trees on the beach side of the property. As guests arrive, they just follow the laughter and talking which leads to…the tree. This Jamaica vacation wedding was as you can imagine a topic of discussion. There was a wedding happening in a few days, but people were also on a vacation at a location which they may not have chosen otherwise. The next stop is the clean, warm ocean.