Japanese diet is full of tradition, taste and healthy foods

“When you do something, you should burn yourself up completely, like a good bonfire, leaving no trace of yourself” Shunryu Suzuki
Japanese Diet is next of my healthy diets favourites. Why is this diet so healthy for us? Because it is very old diet (traditional japanese diet form Okinawa) based only on healthy and natural foods.

Diet which contains lots of naturally fermented foods. Fermented foods are very easy digestible by our intestine. Those foods are very healthy as well because of their huge quantities of friendly bacteria which are necessary for our good health.

The Japanese Diet should be a low calorie diet; there is no place for big amounts of foods. The traditional diet of Japan can be still found in few small Japanese Islands. The most original parts of this diet are fermented soy beans and rice and raw or fermented fish.

Soy beans are healthy only when prepared in Japanese way of cooking, processes of fermentation make them highly digestible for human. Soy beans which you can buy in normal store are very unhealthy because they contain enzymes inhibitors and other toxic for us molecules.

Japanese people knew about this and that is why they spent lots of time for preparation of soy or even rice (yes boiled rice is not so healthy for us as well).

Japanese diet is full of tradition, taste and healthy foods

Japanese foods are often served raw especially fish. Raw foods (meats) are new idea in our society and for many of us it is disquieting. We have to remember that in many eastern countries, Africa and in north people eat raw foods since the beginning of our modern existence. There is no healthiest foods than raw foods.
Probably the most important factor which makes Traditional Japanese Diet healthy is the fact that it is low calorie diet. It’s already proven by science that low calorie intake is positively correlated with long life and good health even in advanced age.

So in this case this diet could be number one for people interested in long and healthy life style but it is not. The reason for that is simple; we can’t get original Japanese healthy foods to go for this diet.

We simply can’t buy healthy Japanese foods. No one in our civilised modern world will take care about preparation of rice or soy which will take about six months. Traditional Japanese meal consists of few small bowls of different foods. For example in one bowl you will find some vegetables, in next Japanese style rice, in third bowl kind of fermented soy sauce and in last bowl moderate portion of fish.

For me the way Japanese prepare their foods is really beautiful and tasty. I have to confess that traditional Japanese culture is something what I really like and respect. I think that good idea is to go for diets with Japanese foods and diets with Japanese dishes. I was thinking also about Japanese diet for weight loss and concluded that it could be a good plan. But because of difficulties in finding original Japanese foods it’s impossible to adopt this diet to our modern western world (but you may want to eat similar diet if you like, diet based on our modern foods, why not?).

It’s a shame but thank God and few smart scientists we have now very good and healthy alternative which is natural human diet. Natural human diet is made for all of us to totally enjoy our lives with our families, as long as possible with superior health.