Jewelry Making Tips: Create Your Own Jewlery

Jewelry can be many different things, using many different materials. You can make unique custom jewelry with wire, beads, fabric, string and many other materials. The styles are endless.

One of the best jewelry making tips I can give you to make unique custom jewelry is to always use one special thing… Your own ideas.

When you create your own jewlery, this is what makes it unique. This is what makes it custom. Everyone who learns how to make jewelry puts a little of themselves into their designs.

Another jewelry making tip is when making unique custom jewelry, it’s important to be bold. Don’t be afraid to be different to create something unique.

Many jewelry designers are inspired by the ideas of others. Throughout this site, I will help you to take others’ ideas and then take your own approach to create your own jewlery that is truly unique.

More Jewelry Making Tips

To create your own jewlery, you have to do more stringing colorful beads. There are certain rules when it comes to design techniques that are helpful to know to make your jewelry flow and look balanced.

Jewelry Making Tips: Create Your Own Jewlery

Consider color combinations, size and weight of beads and patterns. There are a few different patterns you can go with.

  • The first pattern is called a random pattern. These necklaces don’t have a formal structure—they are spontaneous.
  • Color is always very important. Choose colors that compliment each other, not fight with each other. Go with your instinct with this, as I do. Colors don’t necessarily have to be in the same family or tone—it is nice and also exciting to mix it up. Sometimes lots of different beads lying on my table give me color combinations I might not have thought of otherwise. The messier the better. It lends to the creative process. The more you do the better eye you will develop when it comes to color.
  • The next pattern is a symmetrical pattern. This is a pattern that begins at a center point and continues in either direction with the same design. Begin with a focal point at the center of your design (you may want to use a large bead for the focal point). Lay out the balance of your necklace, making sure that each side is equal in shape, size and color. The halves of the necklace should mirror each other exactly.
  • The next pattern is asymmetrical. Asymmetrical patterns achieve balance by using the mass of many to offset the size of one featured bead. This applies equally to shapes, textures and colors. Placing a specialty bead off center may be counter balanced by a group of beads on the opposite side of the necklace. You also should keep the actual weight of the beads in mind as well as the visual weight. Having a much heavier bead on one side may tilt the necklace and change the physical center of the necklace when worn, creating a balance problem.
  • Next pattern is a repeating pattern. Repeating patterns are exactly that… a design that is duplicated throughout the necklace. They are continuous and appear as if there is no beginning and no end.

A Few Last Jewelry Making Tips…

You must consider the length, total weight of the finished peace, stringing materials, and clasps… these should all be part of your jewelry design considerations.

So, there you have it… a few important jewelry making tips from a pro! Once you start to create your own jewlery, be sure to send me pictures and tell me about your experience, OK?