Jude’s thoughts on Lingerie and more….

I love life, lingerie and romantic getaways and anything that makes me feel sexy.

I have good and bad times just like everyone else. But, I have found out how to have fantastic times! Times that build memories you will carry with you forever. I am a very romantic person. Candlelit dinners, some in lingerie at home and some dressed up on the town, long massages, walks together by the ocean, holding hands, long talks curled up with a good man by the fire, and so many more experiences that I can share with you. Things I will teach you on how to enjoy the person you are with and how to excite him. Have you ever wanted a man that can make you blush just thinking about him. I have that man, and you can make it happen in your life too. Passion is a must in a relationship that works. Sharing the kitchen with my man and concocting special dishes, ones that can be eaten at the table, in the bedroom or ?? Put on some sexy lingerie and start cooking together. I love surprises! I also like to do the surprising. Imagine A carriage ride through the streets, Opera, Jazz, Blues or dinner at a great restaurant,long walks on the beach, are you up for almost anything? S surprise getaway to a romantic destination is the best. Walking into the room and finding everything has been thought of is the ultimate in seduction. I believe there is the public side, and a private side of every couple. Each has their own time. And each relationship needs something to either bring that spark back or keep it glowing. I believe that keeping a fire lit is easier then rekindling one. So ladies, do whatever you have to entice your man. It is amazing what a sexy piece of lingerie can do for your sex life! Try some warming massage oil and start at your lovers feet and work your way up to his thighs then move to his arms and work your way down. He will melt in only the right places.

Judes thoughts on Lingerie and more....

I wish for you the most romantic getaway of your life. If you need any suggestions, please feel free to check out our tips page or write to me if you have a question that isn’t answered.

Keep the fires burning! Jude Graham