Juggling Equipment – What You Can Easily Make

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You can make pyramid, Squares, Single sheet bags and other designs depending on what you prefer or how easy and quick you want to make them.


You can make some wicked clubs. I didn’t believe it until I saw some. Even if they don’t look the bees knees you can still practice with them.

Cigar Boxes

These can be quite expensive indeed so these are a good thing to make if you want to start juggling cigar boxes. Once you have practiced for a while then you can buy some better ones.


Yes its simply a plank on a cylinder on which a person balances. The plank rocks back and forth on the cylinder like a seesaw but With a bit of practice, balancing on a rola bola is not too difficult.


Walking on stilts is dangerous, actually I’m wrong, walking is ok, falling off is dangerous. Always wear some form of Knee pads (yes, for your knees) and wrist protectors, it really can hurt if you have a fall.

Juggling Equipment   What You Can Easily Make

Ultimate wheel

UW similar to a unicycle but with out the seat its just the pedals but still pretty cool!


I think personally these are the best and easiest thing to make if you just want something basic and want to start juggling straight away.


These are slightly more difficult to make but its worth it as the quality is superb if done right. Also its an inexpensive way to get yourselves a pair or more of these.


Something nice and simple. Believe it or not but these can be quite expensive, but to practice you can make these instead