K2 Helmets Reviews

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K2 helmets, state of the art designs, teaming up with safety and style. These elements make for a great helmet, that will protect you in you’re time of need.

As you no helmets are an essential to protect yourself on the mountain, and as the company has touch standards to meet in regards to safety, they still produce from of the most lightweight helmets on the market.

A number of helmets exist in the k2 Brand here are some great buys

The Septer

A high performance helmet, for a keen boarder, giving maximum protection along with impeccable style and comfort while also being light weight. Not only is this one style helmet, it comes with adjustable formula 1 venting systems that regulate the temperature with 14 vents which are under your control.


Once again a serious board for a serious boarder, and this helmet has a proven track record, using the good qualities from last seasons ultramatic and teaming it up with added adjustable hedloc retention system, this helmet is now a fine tuned custom fit and to top it all off its graphics are awesome to.

K2 Helmets Reviews


This helmet combines comfort with maximum protection, while also retaining light weight qualities. Not only is it ultralight, weighing 361 grams, it may possibly be the lightest helmet on the mountain, making it great for chick snowboarders.Automatic

This helmet is for all mountain riders, and gives you great value. The DuraCap helmet offers protection for some hardcore boarding. The True multi-impact helmet has all the comfort of k2 helmets, along with venting of the litecap models.


This is a great choice for girl snowboarders, boy snowboarders, the youth of today. Combing the same in mold technology of adult helmets, and applying it to the minimatic making a GREAT kids snowboard. The minimatic is a true in mold helmet using a polycarbonate shell with an EPS liner. And to top it all off it comes with a sticker kit, so you can really make the helmet yours.