Karma Astrology

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With karma astrology we mean interpreting the natal birth chart according to past lives and the karma in this life time. By analyzing the natal chart you’ll see what issues the individual have to deal with in this incarnation and how these issues are connected to former incarnations.

Karma astrology is a difficult aspect of astrology and needs years of experience, but concentrate on your own natal chart and you’ll probably get an intuitive feeling of what are the right interpretations.

Karma Astrology

Here are some of the most important points in natal chart when it comes to karma astrology :

  • Saturn is often referred to as the planet of karma. Look at sign and house placement, as well as aspects. Let’s say Saturn is in Leo – that could indicate a former life as a powerful person, maybe royal or someone who at least was on the centre stage/limelight. In this life time a Leo Saturn could indicate struggles with power and authorities, for instance through a very strict childhood or tendencies to being put down by a boss. An Aquarius Saturn could indicate someone who in a former lifetime was a member of an idealistic movement, like the French revolution, who identified with the masses, who was one of the crowds, so to say. In this life time the individual can feel lonely because he never seems to ‘fit in’, he or she might struggle to find friends or there exist a physical or mental distance between him and his friends (though this placement is also an indication of lasting friendships and friendships with older persons).In composition charts Saturn of the one individual aspecting planet (s) in the other individual charts indicates past life issues that needs to be dealt with now. Venus-Saturn meeting is common in chart of lovers/marriage. Saturn-Moon could deal with mother/child issues, Saturn-Sun with child/father (or other authority) in past lives.
  • The Moon’s Nodes gives great advice about how to balance issues from this and former life times. Generally, we use to say that the south node shows where we are comfortable and tend to get stuck – because we’ve already been there, while we need to stretch ourselves towards the north node (which is always situated in the polar sign/opposite house). Take Aries/1st house contra Libra/7th house as an example. The individual needs to find a balance between ego and partnership. With south node in Libra he or she tends to be too comfortable and too reliable upon partner, while he or she needs to take own action and stand out as and individual. With south node in Aries the opposite is the tendency: The individual runs his own race and forget that being in a partnership means compromise and making decisions together.
  • The Moon generally represents our past and can also indicate past life. A Taurus Moon could indicate a past life as a land owner or at least with strong relations to land – while in this life time he or she will have a great emotional need to own things and properties. An Aries Moon could indicate a past life as a soldier or in a war and in this life time have an emotional need for action.
  • The Fourth House represents our darkest, most private site and also shows where we come from. Planets here represent our roots, our origin and the karmic ties to our parents (or whoever brought us up). A Mercury here could indicate a former relationship with a parents as brother or sister, Pluto could indicate former power struggles, Uranus brotherhood and friendship.In composite chart, another individuals planets falling in your 4th house is an indication of a common past origin. For instance, the other person’s Mars in your 4th house could indicate a former life connection to war and fighting. Jupiter would indicate religious/philosophical issues – the other person could for instance have been your teacher or religious leader.
  • Sun, Moon, Ascendant are pointers in karma astrology. The Moon points to the past, the Sun to the present and the Ascendant to the future.
  • The Karmic Signs are Virgo, Scorpio and Pisces. Of course, all signs represent some kind of karmic issues, but individual with strong focus in natal chart on these signs (not necessarily with the Sun placed in the sign) will usually have a lot of issues connected to the sign. Virgos will have to work hard, Scorpio has to relate specifically to death and rebirth and Pisces tend to get more than his share of emotional struggle and chaos.