Keep Your Golf Grips Fresh

Golf grips are a key component in golf because the grip is the only part of the club that you actually touch during the swing! The frugal golfer finds that a fresh set of grips is an inexpensive and fast way to bring a noticeable change to his game.


With use golf grips start to wear out. The new grip that felt tacky & provided traction slowly becomes smooth and worn. Even if you don’t play much, the heat from your car trunk and the dirt and oils from your hands cause a natural degradation of the grip.

Gradually, a worn grip causes you to grasp the club tighter, increasing arm and wrist tension that inhibits proper swing mechanics and leads to a loss of power and control. However, a fresh grip provides traction that lets you hold the club lightly without the subconscious fear of losing the club during your swing. A fresh set of grips may be just the thing to take a stroke or two off your handicap.

Experts recommend that even if you only play a few times a year, you should regrip your clubs annually. However, regripping every six month is even better.

The biggest name in golf grips, Golf Pride , has an outstanding website that will educate you on everything you need to know (& more) about golf grips, so I suggest you visit their site for all the basics about grips.

Keep Your Golf Grips Fresh


Get it done or do it yourself? Well, it depends on how much you want to pay and how handy you are.

The best way to get your clubs regripped is to get it done locally. Most golf stores and pro shops will do it themselves or send them out. Expect to pay for the retail costs of the grips (ranging from $1.50 to $8 each) plus about $3 per club for labor & expect to wait a couple of days to get your clubs back.

Regripping your own clubs can be a better option for the frugal golfer! As shown in this video shown at the Golf Pride website , regripping doesn’t require a lot of skill or effort. And, it can add up to some significant savings, especially over time.

After an initial outlay for some basic grip tools , all you need to do is buy your grips. Golf Pride has a nice grip selector that provide you with some useful information even if you don’t buy their grips. Also, a visit to your local golf shop will enable you to find out which type of grip feels best to you. Armed with this information, do your shopping on the internet at sites like Golf Galaxy or Amazon to find your preferred grips at discount prices.

Other than the pros and some low handicap golfers, most of the rest of us probably won’t notice any significant playability difference between brands and types of grips, so shopping for price would make a lot of sense. Regardless, sufficient traction well exceeds any other playability factor for golf grips, so the most important lesson to be learned here is to keep your grips fresh.

The frugal golfer knows that in a battle between inexpensive new grips vs. worn top-of-the line grips–the new grips win every time!