Keeping Warm When Snowboarding

Here are some great recommendations of how to stay warm on the slope.


Just one of the choices you have to stay warm

Its been keeping humans warm for centuries… and it comes in many different comfy cosy and stylish forms. These no reason style should be compromised in order to keep warm, these days there’s a number of clothes made with boarding in mind… they work and they look great.

Heated liners

These liners will keep you’re tootsies nice and warm, coming standard in DC Boots these will help your toes to stay comfy n warm in those winter months.

Keep your jacket waterproof… and snow proof

Washing you’re jacket can lead to its loss in ability to stay water proof or snowproof… and we all no melted snow can make for some uncomfortable clothes by the end of the day.

So a great idea is to invest in some waterproofing spray, this can be sprayed onto jackets, pants boots and gloves after washing, and helps them to retaining a acceptable standard of waterproofness for a days snowboarding.

Keeping Warm When Snowboarding


You may or may not know, but a large proportion of body head exits you’re body via you’re head, it is for this specific purpose that you should wear a hat, it will help keep you warm and comfortable, and is a must have on a windy day.


Team a scarf up with you’re hat to insure you’re face doesn’t suffer from sun burn, windburn of the effects of the cold on you’re skin…

We all no how unattractive it is to have a red face, glasses marks, or snot tracks from where you’re runny noes due to the cold has chafed you’re face.