Keys Treadmill Reviews

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Keys treadmills reviews are really useful when you are shopping for a treadmill and you are not sure if the Keys brand of treadmills is for you. Along with the great prices of their treadmills, they have high ratings. The Keys treadmill reviews will also tell you that these treadmills have exceptional warranties and are priced so that the average person can have one of them for his/her home gym.

The Keys treadmill ratings are high for the Keys treadmills because the warranty on the motor is 10 years. This gives you a long time of working out on a Keys treadmill before you have any trouble. There are very few Keys treadmill reviews that have listed any problems, but those that did praised the customer service they received getting repairs done.

The Keys company is located in Garland Texas and even though this company only got started manufacturing treadmills in 1997, the Keys treadmill ratings are extremely high. With models such as the Ironman and the Health Trainer, the Keys treadmill reviews extol the benefits of working out on one of these machines. In fact, one customer even called the Keys Health Trainer a reliable workhorse.

There are 6 different brands for you to use in your search for Keys Treadmill reviews. With prices ranging from $1000 to $2300, you can get treadmills in different weight capacities and with many different features to suit your fitness needs. The Keys treadmill rating attached to each brand will give you a good idea if this is the treadmill you should buy, once you narrow down how much money you have to spend on a machine for your work out.

Keys Treadmill Reviews

The cheapest of the Keys treadmills is the Discovery 120. Costing less than $1000, the Keys treadmill reviews tout this machine as perfect for a small space or an apartment. It folds easily for storage, and it has high Keys treadmill ratings even though it does not have a heart rate monitor. The most expensive brand in the Keys line is the 8800 Treadmill. It costs $2300 and does not have very high Keys treadmill reviews because of the poor fit and finish. It is best for use in a room where you don’t have to move it, but it does have all the bells and whistles you would expect in an expensive treadmill.