Kickboxing techniques

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Kickboxing techniques and the many benefits you could acquire!

Here’s some information which I hope will further your knowledge about kickboxing. I’m first going to touch on details about some primary movements. Why it’s necessary for beginners who desire a full instructional program to understand the need for multiple limb and joint movement, I’ll elaborate on this in plain terms. What happens as kickboxing techniques and skills improve? I’ll tell you! And of course I’ll refresh your memory about all the benefits of exercise and fitness training.

With our overview out of the way, let’s get to the nuts and bolts!

Kickboxing techniques mostly involve, but are never limited to, arms and legs. One must remember mind, spirit, diet and rest, but we’ll focus on arms and legs for now.

Arm, which means all of it, can be used to attack in many ways. With the fist one can easily perform strikes like Jabs, (your jab striking hand is your lead hand when in fighting stance) more on fighting stance in a moment, or a Cross (your cross striking hand is the hand closest to you when in fighting stance), and of course there are Upper cuts and Hooks. Let’s move further up the arm to the elbow. Now here is a totally lethal body joint! Your elbow can perform strikes such as Elbow ups which are similar to the fist Upper cut, there’s the Elbow down where you raise your elbow in such a way slightly above the target and downward strike through the target!

Elbow down strike

Kickboxing techniquesKickboxing techniquesKickboxing techniques

You can also do Elbow crosses similar but not exactly like the Hook. And then there’s the Elbow thrust something like the shoving of you elbow straight forward into your target.

Fighting stance-standing with front foot flat and rear foot on the ball of the foot, standing with feet shoulder with apart. The ball of the front foot should line up with the heal of the rear foot, keep your knees slightly bent, hands are up to your face level with one hand in front of the other. Chin is tucked to the chest and you’re facing your target sideways.

Now, our legs can generate incredible force; an essential tool when used in kickboxing techniques, (if not it would simply be boxing). Leg striking techniques a beginner might need to know, include some of these, Lead leg front kick (a striking movement delivered by your front leg while in fighting stance. This is simply done by chambering (I’ll explain) the leg and then extending the foot to target then re-chambering the leg and back to stance, a quick four count movement. There’s the Rear leg front kick, same movement basically but you’re using the back leg. There are Side kicks and Back kicks, Thai kicks which involved the shins and of course the Knee strikes. It may seem like a lot but these kick boxing techniques are pretty easy once you have been given the proper instructional tools and with practice they become second nature and another tool for your fitness training portfolio.

Chamber-while in fighting stance and maintaining balance “chamber” that is raise the lead leg (in the case of a Lead leg front kick) bending at the hip and knee joint. Next extend, “kick the foot out” at the knee striking target with the knuckle of the foot. Return to chamber and then back to fighting stance. I wanted to touch on the point about multiple limb and joint movement simply because even though these kickboxing techniques are titled as separate strikes or movements, they all work synergistically with all other parts of the body and only with this synergism are you ever going to be as effective as possible and realize your fitness trainings full potential. Look at these techniques as a piece of the big picture, a pixel if you will.

With your consistent practicing and proper technical form execution you’ll soon find that the kickboxing movements become much easier, now that you’ve wired your body for this particular fitness program. You’ll start to notice these changes first, you’ll perform the movement without thought (technical knowledge mastered), your form and movement will flow automatically (technical skill mastered) then you’ll be able to pick up the speed (technical abilities mastered) and eventually with the combination of knowledge, skill and speed you’ll soon develop POWER (mastering your art)!

I’m happy that you’re taking this interest in fitness through martial arts, (aka kickboxing techniques) and I’m happy to be a part of your journey. Now you have a little more information about kickboxing techniques in particular so I’m going to jump into the benefits of fitness training programs such as these in general. They include but are not limited to, Cardio benefit, your heart and lungs could improve functionally, Coordination/balance, get your footing and maybe even some finesse, Weight loss and or maintenance your ideal weigh reached and maintained, and of course with this method of training you could always take it a step further maybe even go Pro!

What it really boils down to is this I know I’m not going to live forever in this body, (and I don’t want to) but for the time I am here I demand greater quality of life which is what fitness training cascades into! I feel it’s my duty to share this knowledge with anyone who feels the same way!

Good Luck!