Kid’s Bathtime, A Fun, Relaxing Way to Spend Time With Children

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Kid’s bathtime is fun time enjoying precious moments with your young ones. Put in a sing-a-long cd, relax and let go, sing with your kids, it is joyful, and a lot of laughs

It is an ideal way to calm an active child. A warm bath will soothe and relax your little one, allowing both of you a good nights sleep.
There are so many bath toys that appeal to the imaginations of kids. Bath toys can be as simple as a rubber duckie, sail boat, windup toys that swim, or bath paints to bring out the artist in them. Blowing bubbles is always a favorite.

Kids Bathtime, A Fun, Relaxing Way to Spend Time With Children

A little bubble blowing magic: Dip your hands in bathwater, lather them with soap, fold your index finger all the way into your thumb, unwind your index finger up against your thumb, stopping when the tips of the index finger and thumb meet. In doing so, there should be a film of soap, just like you will see on a bubble wand, from a bottle of bubbles. Blow gently and you will achieve the same effect as if using a bubble wand from a bottle of bubbles.

You can teach your kids to make bubble magic by themselves, they will love it.

Enjoy the benefits of kid’s bath time and please remember to follow bath safety for children.