Kid’s Day – A Fun Time For Fishing

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A friend recently requested that I help him put together a basic day of fishing with the kids – Kid’s Day! What we were trying to accomplish was to take the kids on a fishing trip that would really get them interested in the art of fishing.

So I decided to start with the easiest fish to catch – bream. All this takes is a rod and reel and a hook. Dig up a can of worms and you’re ready to go. The best time to go for this fun little fish is the first full moon in May; that is when they start to bed.

All you have to do is walk the banks of your favorite lake and look for the round beds they fan out, or for the fish themselves. You can even “smell” a bream bed if you are familiar with fishing. If you come across an area that has a strong fishy odor, there probably is a bream bed close to you. So just start throwing your rig of choice around the bank starting close in and working out to deeper water.

A good rig for kids on their first trip would definitely consist of a cork, one or two split shot, and a small hook. The cork should only be big enough to hold up the sinkers. This will enable the fish to pull it under easily so the kids will know when they get a bite. One good thing about bream fishing is that if you can’t locate a bed, there usually are fish around anyway.

Kids Day   A Fun Time For Fishing

My second choice is a little more complicated – crappie fishing. It is very simple if you know the basics of fishing. These fish aren’t like bream. They don’t bed in open water but prefer submerged trees, rocks, limbs, etc. This means you will get hung up more but the action and size of fish will be greater. This is also probably the best eating fish in the lake. You pretty much do the same as with bream except you will be looking for fallen trees, limbs sticking out of the water, or even rip rap around bridges or pier pylons. Crappie are structure oriented fish that have to have some kind of structure to anchor their eggs to.

So once we locate this area to fish we will be using the same simple rig as bream fishing. This will consist of a crappie hook, a couple of split shot, and possibly a cork. If you aren’t fishing straight down off a pier or bridge, then it is best to fish a cork. This will keep your depth more even and help you locate fish.  Oh by the way, you will need to visit your local tackle shop and buy minnows or jigs. Like bream fishing, start out fishing around the structure you have located, as close as you can and have patience. Crappie , unlike bream, feed better at certain times of the day. So if they don’t bite right away, just hang around for a while, and then watch the fun begin!