Kids snowboards reviewed

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Kids snowboards are becoming more and more popular each year as increasing number of kids take to the slopes. Kids-snowboards are just a miniature version of the adult size snowboards. Kids can also do tricks and jumps with a freestyle board and cruise the mountain with a freeride board.

Riders of the Airwalk Selection Wide found the stiffness to be perfect for an intermediate, and rides great on the pipe. It is easy to control and rides really smooth. Boarders recommend the Airwalk for beginners and intermediates.

Lib Tech Jamie 142z kids-snowboards are very good for the little ones just coming up in snowboarding. The 142z has high cuts which help prevent chatter. The board is good for just cruising around and for the daring kids it is good for the park and the pipe.

These are just two of the many quality kids snowboards you can find online. Take some time to comparison shop here to choose the right snowboard for your kids. More manufactures these days are creating top quality snowboards for children of all ages due to the increasing popularity of snowboarding.

Kids snowboards reviewed