Kids – Take them to Switzerland

Wondering what to do with your kids when school is out for the summer? Take them to Switzerland for an adventure they’ll never forget. Let them experience a completely different culture in a place that’s made for kids and outdoor activities.

Beatenberg, located just west of Interlaken on the north side of Lake Thun, is one of many kid-oriented locations and a grand place to spend time with your children. Facing the famous alpine trio of the Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau, this family vacation resort will keep the little ones busy from morning to night with hiking, farm visits, trips to the lake at Interlaken, cable car rides, and learning about other people and how they live.

For children over 3 and adults of any age, the Beatus Trail is a new 2.5 mile (4km) play and adventure trail from the district of Waldegg to the Beatenberg’s village center. Discover the legend of St. Beatus, patron saint of Beatenberg, as you walk the well-maintained path. Your children will have endless fun exploring the wooden castle, the ship, and the huge dragon built for them to play on.

Kids   Take them to Switzerland

For grown-ups there is plenty of breath-taking mountain scenery and historical information to make the walk along the Beatus trail interesting and invigorating.

Here’s another fun idea for the family. Pick up a scooter from the Vorsass, the middle station of the Niederhorn cablecar, and speed down the road to Beatenberg. Locals love to see a fine old scooter on the little mountain roads in and around Beatenberg. There are 2 routes to choose from: the 7.5 mile (12 km) “Flanierama” if you fancy taking it easy, and the 3.7 mile (6 km) “Direttissima” for the ultimate adrenalin rush. Suitable for children over 6.