Kids Toys – About The Huggable Collectible Bears

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This zoo’s for you! But you don’t get to feed these bears…just love them. Their prices can range from a few dollars to the thousands, and they can be found in pretty near every home in the nation.

Most everyone adult and child loves bears, even folks who don’t have a pet. It’s very unusual to walk through someone’s home especially if they have kids and not see some type of bear. Collecting and owning collectible bears is a multi-faceted experience and a great hobby.

Many kids start a young from gifts they receive and adults get caught up in the nostalgia of these beautiful collectible bears.

Can you recall what your first bear looked like? Maybe as a child you were surrounded as you slept by fuzzy, stuffed animals, possibly teddy bears. Or maybe you had Mickey, Daisy, Goofy and a whole collection of other wacky Disney animal characters hanging on your walls. Whatever your choice (intentional or not), you most likely spent the early years of your life with an assortment of inanimate critters sharing your bedroom.

Some other typical and more interesting collectibles might be: pink poodle radios; Elvis pictures; porcupine footbrushes; toad replicas; elephant bookends; cow salt and pepper shakers; even bamboo fish wine caddies… the list is endless. Just pick something you like and go for it – become a collector.

Kids Toys   About The Huggable Collectible Bears

Collectible Bears can take many forms. Anything from Quarter Bears, Stamp Bears, or Special Bears.

We all know a family member, relative or friend that may have a serious illness such as cancer, heart disease, aids or others. Each collectible bear is unique to the situation and “bears” the message you wish to convey.

I think you would agree the collectible bears are Timeless-toys that make fantastic collectibles.

This guarantees that you can find an appropriate gift for any bear lover. Without a doubt, they have SOME sort of favorite bear.

And why wait for a special occasion? Collectors are invariably delighted to receive a new addition. And while you’re shopping, you might as well stock up for the holiday season.

In fact, you might not even BE shopping for that special person… but it just so happens that you see a piece that instantly brings that person to mind. Go ahead and buy it! The day will come when you’ll be glad you had the forethought.