Kitchen Counter Tops The Place Where Most Of The Work Gets Done

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Kitchen counter tops have come along way, with new technology. Laminate, ceramic tile and natural stone continue to be a popular choice, but others surfaces are surfacing. There are synthetics kitchen counter tops that improve upon real stone, they are easier to clean and keep their luster longer.

Counter tops serve many families as a place to spend time eating, preparing meals, doing home work and school projects. Keeping all that in mind you choice of surfaces should reflect your lifestyle. Depending on your budget tile Granite and concrete are very durable for large families.

Formica countertops are durable, colorful and affordable. It can be easily cleaned with soap and water. Formica is vulnerable to sharp knives and hot pans. Once damaged the surface is hard to repair. In any case it is the least expensive of all kitchen countertops.

Kitchen Counter Tops The Place Where Most Of The Work Gets Done

Ceramic tile is the most durable of all counter tops… The tile comes in any size, shape or color. It is the most creative way to design. It can resist hot pans and cutting. . If you decide to create a design for the tile labor can be costly. Natural Stone particularly granite has become the most sought after counter top surface. It is tough, elegant and easy to clean. This surface is one of the highest prices per linear foot. If you are spend time researching for deals you can find slabs at lower prices at you local building supply company…

If you can manage to get past the price, the rewards of kitchen granite countertops are many. It cleans easy, endures water, hot pots and sharp knives. The smooth surface is great for baking. One disadvantage the surfaces are porous and require sealing.

Newcomers to the block are stainless steel counter tops. It offers for the contemporary crowd a sleek and chic look. It is pricey, but very durable. It does scratch and the sounds of utensils clanking on the surface are a bit irritating.

Concrete counter tops surface keeps becoming more popular each year, it can be very durable and can be shaded any color. Typically it is poured into a mold. Just make sure you get a very good company that has done lots of these.

Butcher block counter tops are still a very popular place in today’s kitchen, it has a warm look to it and it’s great for cutting. It comes in different thickness. It must be kept dry at all times. Butcher Block kitchen counter tops blends well with other counter tops.