Kitchen Decorating, Country Cottage Style on a budget

Kitchen decorating is a good place to start your country cottage theme and is an easy room to pick the colors that might naturally be a part of that theme. For example, a rustic cottage theme would work perfect with a barnyard theme or a hen and rooster theme, using black and white checked fabric accents in the towels and curtains, or floor can be a starting point. Using chicken wire inserts in the cabinet doors and barnyard animal drawer pulls could be an addition to that theme. Other colors to go with the theme would be yellow, brown, red and green. Further addition of wallpaper border, painted walls in pale yellow, or sage green or cream would be a possibility. Texturing the walls with joint compound or texture paint would add subtle shading to the walls.

If you can’t afford new kitchen cabinets in your country kitchen decorating plan, remove old finish and leave the natural wood color or re-stain them in a new color. But, you can give your kitchen a real punch of color by painting your old cabinets. There are dozens of techniques and styles and colors you can use. For a different look, take some of the doors off your cabinets and let your interesting glassware or dishes be on display. To add more interest in your kithen decorating scheme, paint a contrasting color inside some of the the open cupboards. If your cabinet doors are plain, molding can be added to them. A section can be cut out of the door, and glass can be added for a more open look or a way to display collectibles.

More Kitchen Decorating Ideas:

A collection of blue and white china or tea pots could be used as an inspiration in your kitchen decorating. Display on painted country type shelves above the windows and doors or in a corner cupboard or in your regular cupboards with the doors removed.

Kitchen Decorating, Country Cottage Style on a budget

A retro theme using colorful Fiestaware , from the 1930′s and 40′s and other accessories from that period, either original collectibles or reproduction pieces.

A flower garden theme, using all the bright colors of the garden. Use walls to display garden items and flower prints. Use plants on window sills.

Sunflowers and sunflower borders, with coordinating curtains and towels.

A cow theme, with cow borders, curtains, cow prints, and cow accessories.

Any idea you have can be used in a theme for your country kitchen. There is no wrong idea here if you keep in mind that you are going to have to use paint that can be washed, and floor coverings that will hold up to wear and spillage that can occur in the kitchen. If you use a braid rug, be sure to use the slip resistant pad under it to avoid nasty falls.

Old kitchen appliances can be painted if their current color doesn’t work with your idea. Be sure to use appliance paint. Painting is cheaper than having all the appliances replaced. You can do-it-yourself(maybe if you are willing to take the time to prepare)for the refrigerator and probably the dishwasher, but the range needs to be done by a professional. Kitchen decorating is a great do-it-yourself project, but be practical, if you take on more than you are qualified to do, it could cost you a lot to have corrections made by experts if you have a major failure.