Kitchen window dressing but not typical “curtains”

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by Tammy
(Co Limerick, Ireland)


This might sound like a strange question but in our kitchen we have had curtains we never closed for years. All they seem to do is gather dirt and get in the way.

As the kitchen is currently being done up, we would like a new way to dress the window. I was thinking of using the existing curtains (which go with the current theme) into something like a pelmet, so there would be no long curtain getting in the way but will make it look pretty.

We don’t want functional curtains as the kitchen is small and the cooker and sink are usually affected by this and we live in the middle of nowhere where privacy isn’t a problem.

Do you have any suggestions/photos where this has worked so we can have an idea on what to do. I am able to sew and would not mind fixing my old curtains and possibly making a second set for variety. I’m also open to the idea of fixing a pole of some sort.


Kitchen window dressing but not typical curtains

Hi Tammy

I think a roman blind would be a good solution. They can be let down but many people just leave them pleated up over the window. They have a bit of character when pleated up.

Another option simpler to make is a scarf swag. Fix a decorative pole over your window and drape your fabric as you like.

Best regards