Knowing the Law of Abundance: What is the Theory of Abundance?

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How exactly does the theory of abundance work and what does it really mean?

With our world growing smaller and smaller thanks to the Internet, and with new paradigms sprouting up through different blogs and online diaries, we are bound to come up with new theories for living once every few minutes. One of these is the theory of abundance, often indirectly referred to as the law of abundance, which advocates that anybody on earth can achieve his or her dreams if only he or she thinks and lives well.

But what constitutes thinking and living well, and what exactly is abundance? Abundance can be defined on two different levels. Material abundance, or material wealth, is abundance as the world defines it: it means having a lot of money to spend on the things that you want, without you worrying if you will have money left over to spend tomorrow.

On the other hand, the other kind of abundance, personal abundance, is a little harder to define. It constitutes having wealth of spirit and fulfillment; it can be thought of having a lot of goodness and generosity within; it can also be conceived as being in union with the universe.

According to the Law of Abundance and theories around it, you can have material abundance only if you have personal abundance. In order to achieve personal abundance, you need to have a good attitude, you need to be trained to think and behave better, and you have to be “spiritually aligned” with universal forces.

Such abstract thoughts can be difficult to digest, especially in a world where science reigns over mysticism, but the Theory of Abundance is nevertheless gaining popularity. After all, the Law of Abundance also states that we live in a universe that has nothing to do with our fate, and that we alone dictate our destiny as human beings.

Knowing the Law of Abundance: What is the Theory of Abundance?

This theory of complete control over one’s fate makes the Theory of Abundance popular amongst people who feel lost in the rat race, or who feel alienated from this fast paced, digital, highly wired world. In order to achieve abundance within, proponents of the Law of Abundance advocate knowing yourself completely: identify your strengths and affirm them, know your weaknesses and vow to win over them, and recognize what exactly it is you want. By knowing exactly what you want, you can have a clearer idea about how to get it.

According to the Theory of Abundance, you can only get what you want if you commit yourself to achieving your goals. The commitment can be as simple as making a personal mantra to dictate to yourself day after day; it can be as material as signing a real contract and setting deadlines to achieving the goal. With your commitment to achieving a real goal, you can have a clearer view of your future, and you can win your dream.

The Theory of Abundance, however, also dictates that you change your way of thinking, feeling, and behaving in order to attract abundance to you. Because you are the only person who has complete control over your fate, you cannot blame the universe for not agreeing with you. You need to act pleasantly, think positively, and speak in an affirming, not a critical or confrontational manner, so that you can bring abundance to you.

These are only a few aspects of the theory of abundance. In order to understand the theory, as well as the much publicized Law of Abundance, you will have to do a little more research yourself. Look for books and websites that talk about the theory of abundance. Watch inspirational DVDs or videos that detail how you can let the theory of abundance work for you. If you understand the theory of abundance, you can improve your life for the better and keep your great state of living up in the years to come.